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Give your brand a story

Gone are the days where one-off photoshoots were enough to capture a target audience. In today's landscape of rapidly evolving digital marketing platforms, brands need to generate more than just photos; they need stories that constantly support their USP and brand identity. 


As a photographer, I believe my job is not just that of a camera operator, but one of a storyteller, weaving a narrative into every picture and portrait. My focus is on using real environments, real people and real stories to build an immersive photography experience that can resonate with the brand audience keeping them constantly engaged and have them coming back for more. 


Specializing in brand packages, I create a range of digital content around each brand that functions as lasting support for any product or campaign I work on and aims to sustain audience engagement in the long term. Creating packages that include photo journals that can be utilized as website photoblogs to support brand campaigns, and emotionally involve a captive audience in the storytelling elements of photography.


Photography that captivates

The vibrant colours and high contrast styles that I utilize, distinguish my images from the sea of homogenous social media posts that users otherwise swipe past. My editing style focuses on creating high impact images that stand out on digital platforms, ideal for viewing on a phone or tablet, as audiences are going about their day-to-day business. 


By designing images with unusual and distinctive saturation and contrast, my campaigns are characteristic and instantly recognisable to global audiences.  In collaborations, I fully take into account the individual needs of each customer and brand when tailoring photos to suit and achieve their specific objectives.

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Resort Photography with an Edge

Focusing on lifestyle, interior and specially commissioned photos native to the region for canvases and hi-quality prints to add and bring forth a unique and captivating feeling to each resort decor.


Resort photography with a twist that makes your resort stand out on ANY BOOKING PLATFORM with purposely designed photos that is proven to pop out. 

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Tourism & National Campaigns 

Provoking images that inspire travel through the exploration of dazzling new places, meeting inspiring people, and discovering intriguing cultures, with the ability to create unique and captivating content above and below the waves in all mediums of photography. Tell the tales of your country with powerful visual storytelling. 


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Zachary Piña

Creative Director

Pip Media

Alfred Minnaar is truly a rare breed of creator who brings the ability to execute in uniquely challenging environments between land and sea, as well as a vision of unrelenting creativity. Working with Alfred yielded some of our brand's most dynamic and engaging collateral, which was deployed across multiple mediums, ranging from web and social media, to billboard-sized splash images that brought our physical tradeshow presence to life. Throughout numerous objectives, Alfred's work ethic and stunning creative style routinely exceeded our expectations, ultimately elevating the visual identity of our brand. 



For those of you who have a passion for fine arts and hold the natural world close to their hearts.  Hi-quality prints for your home wall, office workspace or lobbies in any custom size that inspires, captivates and mesmerizes the audience. 


About me

South African born and raised, I grew up in a small town in the dusty Kalahari Desert. Beginning as a traveller and a hobbyist, as a young man I spent a decade traversing the natural world, eventually finding my way to the island paradise of Indonesia calling one, in particular, Gili Trawangan my home.


This is where my passion photography exploded and I turned a hobby into a full-time career photographing wildlife and people, combining my passions for travel, culture and photography


I am now a professional photographer, accomplished in portrait, landscape and interior styles, and an acclaimed specialist in adventure, travel and underwater photography. Striving to capture images that captivate and inspire the imagination, I bring to life the enchanting underwater world in my own unique style. 


My works have been published in multiple online and printed publications and I am a regularly featured contributor to Dive Magazine and have a very strong social media presence across multiple digital platforms. 


I represent several international brands. My campaigns have brought brands notable recognition to the tourism and sports sectors worldwide, and I aim to create photos that inspire and captivate audiences. My unique and creative photography style aims to bring new dimensions to even the simplest of subjects, capturing the emotions within nature. 

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Media package

While I maintain my social media for primarily underwater content, I excel in all forms of photography. I am a multitalented photographer who shoots in a variety of mediums and can inspire with landscape photography as well as bringing human culture alive through portraiture.  I aim to create content not just suitable for social media but for all forms of marketing.

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