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Happy in Pastel

"Happy in Pastel is an ongoing series that has a very specific goal in mind namely happiness and joy.


The photo has 3 predominant themes in mind and draws inspiration from colour, nature and the world of abstract expressionism that was born late 40’s early 50’s.  


The colour is inspired by the pastel colours of the 50's, a colour palette that was born out of and the result of the turbulent 40’s and World War 2.  It was there to convey youth, warmth and joy. The colour design of the day was all seeping with delicate pink blues and greens.  

As the 50’s  colour palette was designed to bring joy to a generation trying to forget war I found the colour palette very appropriate for today's generation trapped in their own surroundings by an epidemic isolating them from the joy and colour of nature and life."

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