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While I maintain my social media for primarily underwater content, I excel in all forms of photography. I am a multitalented photographer who shoots in a variety of mediums and can inspire with landscape photography as well as bringing human culture alive through portraiture.  I aim to create content not just suitable for social media but for all forms of marketing.

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On Facebook, I am influential within closed groups. Facebook's primary power lies in closed groups which act as a safe space for people with similar interests to absorb the content they most engage with. The world of underwater photography, scuba diving and freediving have a cohesive community made up of private groups with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. There are few other methods by which you can reach a core target group of individuals in the same way. Running a personal underwater photography page allows me to move freely within these groups.  By submitting high quality, relevant content within those groups, the content I create gets maximum exposure, often with viral shares within the diving community.  This access means I’m highly effective at promoting diving related content and new diving destinations. 


I have arguably one of the most well-known Instagram page’s for original underwater and diving content.  I  view my Instagram page as a platform to utilize in the same was as having a personal magazine, where people subscribe and actively engage in posts.  In the world of underwater photographers, my content gets shared by a multitude of repost accounts that are hungry for quality underwater, and in particular, diving content, that is hard to come by.  Few accounts have the ability to create and push diving related content to thousands of divers, whether it be for promoting tourism boards or brands.



My most recent venture has been to begin a YouTube page, and my 4th video just hit over 100k views, proving the value there is in creating engaging content on this platform for a niche market. Videos on YouTube are there to stay, and views and engagement will only continue to grow over time.

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