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About my prints

Prints will be divided into limited and not-limited prints in colour and monochrome depending on the print. Each edition print is signed,  by Alfred. Certificates of authenticity are provided for all additions.    

Prints can be custom-sized and are printed on Epson Premium Glossy 250gsm Photo Paper, the paper offers some of the highest gloss levels of photographic paper. Producing vivid life-like images, the ultra glossy finish, coupled with a 10 mil thickness and extremely wide colour gamut, make this paper perfect for bringing  Alfred's hi contrast and vivid colours of his photography to life.


Buyers also have the option to have the photo printed on the more hi-end Gold Fibre Gloss - Ilford premium paper.  A throwback to a bygone era, this traditional fibre-based photo paper is ideal for high quality black and white printing and offers an exceptional wide gamut for colour, detail and tonality.


Prints are shipped worldwide. All limited edition 7 prints are custom-sized and there is no set size for the print. All other prints come with size and price, please click on the print to reveal the size and price.


Shipping is not included and depends on the size of the print and your location in the world. Please enquire by email.  

All of Alfie's limited edition images are produced and signed in Bali at a very highly regarded Bali print house that works with some of the leading artists and contemporary photographers.
Pre-printing, the raw camera files are prepared by craftsmen of the highest calibre to ensure that these very large prints have consistent tonal renditions and powerful contrast.  

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For those of you who have a passion for fine arts and hold the natural world close to their hearts.  Hi-quality prints for your home wall, office workspace or lobbies in any custom size that inspires, captivates and mesmerizes the audience. 

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